Straight from students who have experienced online Yoga Nidra with me

Nope, we’ve never practiced together in the same room! Virtual… but palpable.

"Carly's Yoga Nidra sequences rely on her deep ability to hold a space for healing and restoration. Every time I'm in class, Yoga Nidra has the subtle power to take me to a level of relaxation and then quietly acclimate my nervous system so that when she gives the next cue to go deeper, I am amazed that there is still further to relax each time. The light stretch and Yoga Nidra made my body feel physically covered safely under a weighted blanket. I'm always pleasantly surprised with the positive impact that comes from the space created within these practices. As if by osmosis, the simple act of resting with intention becomes enough."

~Christy L.

"My yoga nidra journey began a year ago due to injury, a classic overfunctioner forced to rest. Working with Carly one on one, and through recordings - I now have a new tool to transform my scattered anxious energy into grounded contentment. I am a better person for myself, partner, and daughter when I carve out time and honor my need for rest. 

Working with Carly is a true joy- she shows up, is vulnerable, and creates space of compassion and comfort facilitating thoughtful nidras and connection."

~Kristin M.

"There are no words to describe the yoga nidra experience with Carly. I have practiced with many different instructors over the years; I can truly say that she is in a league of her own. Her wisdom, compassion, and gentleness are like no other, and each class is completely unique from the rest. My career can be very stressful and I can always count on a yoga nidra session from Carly to bring me back to balance. There are also so many nuggets of wisdom I gather from class that I like to bring back when I teach my own yoga classes. She is an instructor for instructors and practitioners alike and every class is like a beautiful gift to unwrap! She has helped me in my life tremendously through her instruction and for that I am very grateful."

~ Melissa C.

“Trust Carly, and you will discover an eye-opening technique to learn better and more about yourself by just being present during her Yoga Nidra session. Carly helped me finally realize the benefit of meditation. I participated in several guided meditations led by others (both in-person and recorded sessions) before trying Carly’s. Although all of these past experiences were pleasant, they didn’t quite motivate me to practice regularly. But when I began noticing that the positive effect of Carly’s session continued almost every day for the following two weeks, I could no longer resist my inner yearning for more and frequent meditations. I’m very grateful for Carly showing me the way to untangle my mental traffic jams and rewire my system in intentional stillness.”

~ Kuni Y.

“When I feel pulled in many different directions, Carly’s Yoga Nidra classes have helped me take that scattered energy and focus. They've become an essential part of my daily routine, from helping to get going in the morning to calm down at night. I love that Carly is very thoughtful about the words she uses and isn't afraid to have a personality. I've learned so much from her Yoga Nidras!”

~ Natalia G.

"Carly’s ability and skill of uniting body and mind to the present moment through Yoga Nidra is a true gift. Her personalized session has been one of my main tools of support as I navigate the tender time of entering new parenthood once again. Her voice and guided journey through the body and senses is a safe and sacred space I am so grateful to be able to access whenever I need!"

~ Michele M-D