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Yoga Nidra Just-For-You

We get stuck in patterns that hold us back. We try to force solutions and “figure it out” when what we need most is to get out of our own way. The power of Yoga Nidra is not to change our situation but our relationship to it: to invite a shift of perspective.

Following an email exchange, I will design a Yoga Nidra meditation with techniques and affirmations that hold space for what you want to bring in and let go. I will guide you in your custom Yoga Nidra online over Zoom in real-time and send you the audio recording of the experience to practice whenever you need to remind yourself of your intention.

"Carly’s ability and skill of uniting body and mind to the present moment through Yoga Nidra is a true gift. Her personalized session has been one of my main tools of support as I navigate the tender time of entering new parenthood once again. Her voice and guided journey through the body and senses is a safe and sacred space I am so grateful to be able to access whenever I need!"

~Michele M-D


Contact me to start the process!

You can use the contact form on this site or email radicalrestyoga@gmail.com